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Jaipur Weather

Jaipur offers hot semi-arid climate and the temperatures remains relatively high all through the year. The best time for visiting the place is from October to March.

Winters (December-February) can touch a low mercury level of 4oC. This is the most ideal time for holidaying, sightseeing, and engaging various tourist activities.

Summers (April-May) has hot climate and the temperature can reach up to scorching 47oC. Most tourists don't prefer visiting in summer months due to extreme hot weather.

Monsoons (June-September) brings medium to heavy rainfalls in Jaipur. Those who enjoy rains and nature enthusiasts can visit during monsoon days.

October to November has pleasant climate making it suitable for sightseeing and other tourist activities. Winter days are excellent for honeymooning. As weather is extremely hot in summer days, it is better to skip visiting in hot days. Monsoons are favorable for rains lovers and nature enthusiasts.

Month-wise Jaipur Weather

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold
Very Cold
The temperature can drip down to subzero levels. Heavy woolens are required. The weather remains pleasant during the day as sun shines through and helps in increasing the temperature. Good time for honeymoons, sightseeing and other tourist activities. Extra care is required if travelling with kids and the aged.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The weather becomes less cold but light warm clothes are preferable. Ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities. This is a popular month for visiting Jaipur as pleasant days give the tourists great opportunities for a variety of activities, including shopping.
March Pleasant
The weather is pleasant; however warm clothes might be required during night. Ideal for sightseeing and outdoor visits The 'Pink City' looks beautiful during the month as the natural vista is also at its peak. This is the last best-month before the summers to enjoy tourism in Jaipur. Elephant festival is held during March month.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
The city starts getting warmer during the day but the evenings are cool. The temperature goes up to a level that is too high for most people liking and plenty of sunshine dominates the sky. Travelling in hot days will require sun protection. Gangaur fair is held during the first week of April.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
The weather is very hot and tourists should avoid going out during the day as sunstroke is common. Clear blue sky and plenty of sunshine increases the temperature during the day. This is the hottest month of the year. Loose cotton clothes and sun protective items are preferable during your visits in hot days.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
The weather is hot with occasion rainfall that brings down the temperature a bit. Outdoor activities are not advisable during the day as sunstroke is common. Like any other desert city, Jaipur too receives very less rainfall in this month. If you are visiting this month, make sure you have cotton clothes and sun protective gears.
July Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Monsoon sets in July bringing rains to the city. The climate becomes a bit comfortable due to rain that lashes the region. This might not be the best time for visit but the natural greenery can be enjoyed. Being off-season, hotel rates are also lower, which is ideal for budget travelers.
August Pleasant
The weather is pleasant with occasional rainfall. Good time for enjoying the natural vista of the place. This is the wettest month of the year in Jaipur. Budget travelers can opt for this period as hotels offer discounted rates due to off-season.
September Pleasant
Rainfalls continue bringing down the temperature to a comfort level. Rainfall stops completely at the end of this month. It might not be the best tourist season but one can enjoy the natural panorama that the city has to offer. Besides, enjoyable time for nature enthusiasts.
October Pleasant
The weather is very pleasant and is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities as well as sightseeing. This is the best month for sightseeing. There are a lot of blue skies, sunshine and cool breeze that maintains the temperature of the region making it suitable for tourist activities.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The weather starts to dip down and weather becomes a bit clod. Mornings and evenings get chilly. Light woolens are required during evenings and nights. Winter starts at the end of the month and is an ideal time for enjoying a holiday in Jaipur.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
The weather is very cold and heavy woolens are required. Ideal time for outdoor trips and sighting various attractions of the place. If you are planning to travel with your kids or have companionship of the old people, make sure you take extra care.

Weather Graph for Jaipur