Sushil Gupta & Surabhi Gupta
Sushil Gupta & Surabhi Gupta
New Delhi, India

I wish to thank both of you and as well your company, jaipuryatra.com for organizing our trip to Jaipur. I would like to start the feedback right from the day i called up Jaipur Yatra to arrange for this tour for me. It was you (Sneha) who was dealing with all the formalities and details of the trip.

The explanation and the clarity with which you explained all the details was really great. Our trip was to start on the 11th of November from Chennai, but due to some mistake from my end we landed up in some trouble. We missed our flight that was supposed to take us from Chennai to Delhi, and here were you (Sneha) again to our rescue. When i told you about the whole issue you were very calm and composed, infact after listening to you i got the confidence that my problems are being dealt by the right person. With in a span of 10 minutes you (Sneha) had rearranged the whole of the trip, it was simply amazing to see such efficiency.

Furthermore you always kept in touch with us during the whole trip and this was a really very warm gesture. I really thank you (Sneha) for such a wonderful experience you gave to us and i would personally always want you to arrange for any of the tours i ever plan. Looking forward to a long lasting relationship.